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Daily Watch — Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In today’s edition:

  • CPP enhancement bill back before the House, but facing time limits
  • MPs to debate Senator’s bill to expand the grounds for the justification of detention in custody
  • Minister Foote to face questions at committee on the Phoenix payroll system
  • Senators look into bovine TB outbreak and meet with provincial Ag ministers
  • Justice minister invited to Senate committee to discuss delays in the justice system


Government Business

The proposed bill to enhance the Canada Pension Plan is expected to receive further debate at report stage on Tuesday.  As per the notice provided on Monday, it is expected that the government will move a time allocation motion to limit debate on the bill at its current stage.

Bill C-26, An Act to amend the Canada Pension Plan, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act and the Income Tax Act

Bill summary and text of the legislation, can be accessed here.


Private members’ business

Senator Bob Runciman’s private bill, which would require prosecutors to introduce evidence about an accused’s criminal record at a bail hearing, will come before the House for the first time on Tuesday evening.  Already passed in the Senate, the bill will be spearheaded in the House of Commons by CPC MP Michael Cooper.

Bill S-217, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (detention in custody)

Bill Summary: “This enactment amends the Criminal Code to (a) expand the grounds for the justification of detention in custody; and (b) require that, in any proceeding under section 515, the prosecutor lead evidence to prove the fact that the accused has failed to appear in court when required to do so and the fact that the accused has previously been convicted of a criminal offence or has been charged with and is awaiting trial for another criminal offence.”


Motion – concurrence of committee report

Late on Tuesday evening, members in the House will hold a one hour debate on the motion to concur in the Fifth Report of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.  The committee’s report recommends that Bill C-242, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (inflicting torture) – for which hearings were held over several days – not be proceeded with.


Today’s House committee meetings

  • During the first hour of the transport committee’s meeting, MPs will welcome a representative from the Canadian Airports Council to discuss and answer questions on unmanned aerial vehicle regulations. The second hour of the meeting will be conducted in camera.
  • The standing committee on Natural Resources will continue its work on considering the future of Canada’s oil and gas, mining and nuclear sectors. Executives from the nuclear industry will appear before and answer the committees’ questions.
  • Minister Lawrence MacAulay is slated to appear for one hour at the standing committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food with departmental and CFIA officials to take questions on the supplementary estimates.
  • The development of a national pharmacare program will be the order of the day at the standing committee on health. The committee will welcome the president of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Union and the president and CEO of the Arthritis society among other witnesses.
  • The standing committee on official languages will begin its work on accountability measures for official languages.
  • Further testimony is expected at the human resources committee as part of the comprehensives study of poverty reduction strategies.
  • To assist in their consideration of issues regarding the defence of North America, the standing committee on national defence will welcome the president of the Canadian association of defence and security industries for one hour.
  • At the Canadian heritage committee minister Melanie Joly and her senior officials will take members’ questions on the supplementary estimates.
  • The standing committee on international trade will continue its pre-study on C-30 (CETA implementing legislation). The committee has invited witnesses to testify from the Canadian Agri-food Alliance, and the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association.
  • Another ministerial appearance is expected at the government operations and estimates committee where Minister Judy Foote will face questions on the issues with the Phoenix Payroll system as well as her department’s supplementary estimates. Shared Services Canada president, Ron Parker,  and senior officials from the department of public works and government services will also be on had for the three-hour meeting.
  • Members of the public accounts committee will welcome official from the auditor general’s office to discuss their special report on the Atlantic Pilotage Authority from the Fall 2016 Auditor General’s report.
  • Over at the environment and sustainable development committee work will continue on the statutory review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, where Environment Canada officials will join the vice president of the Canadian trucking alliance to take members’ questions.
  • Several individuals have been invited to meet with the veterans affairs committee to discuss mental health and suicide prevention among veterans.
  • PCO officials and from the department of public safety will be on hand at the the public safety and national security committee to assist members with technical questions as they undertake a clause by clause review of Bill C-22, An Act to establish the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians and to make consequential amendments to certain Acts.

Today’s Senate committee meetings

  • Representatives from the department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Justice Canada, Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, and the Canadian Bar association will be among those appearing at the Aboriginal Peoples committee to discuss Bill S-3, An Act to amend the Indian Act (elimination of sex-based inequities in registration).
  • Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has been invited to appear before senators at the legal and constitutional affairs committee to discuss the issue of delays in the criminal justice system.
  • Officials from Global Affairs Canada, National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans Affairs Canada amongst others will be on hand to answer questions from senators at the national finance committee as they review the supplementary estimates.
  • In a three-hour meeting the agriculture and forestry committee will tackle two subjects. First, senators will be briefed by CFIA and Agriculture Canada officials on the bovine tuberculosis outbreak in Alberta. In the last two hours, senators will host agriculture ministers from Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia to get their insight on how the acquisition of farmland may impact the farming sector.
  • The energy, the environment and natural resources committee will continue hearings on the effects of transitioning to a low carbon economy and has invited a representative from the C.D. Howe Institute.



Wednesday, November 30, 2016

  • Government Business — the government is expected to call Bill C-26 (CPP enhancement legislation) for a third straight day of debate at report stage and third reading stage.
  • Private members’ business — Bill C-245, An Act concerning the development of a national poverty reduction strategy in Canada  — (resuming debate) — Sponsor: Brigitte Sansoucy (Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

  • Government Business — Thursday has been designated the final opposition day of the current supply period. 
  • Private members’ business — Bill S-211, National Sickle Cell Awareness Day Act — (second reading, first time debated) — Sponsor: Darren Fisher (MP for Dartmouth—Cole Harbour)

Friday, December 2, 2016

  • Private members’ business — Bill C-228, An Act to amend the Fisheries Act (closed containment aquaculture) — (second reading, resuming debate) — Sponsor: Fin Donnelly (MP for Port Moody—Coquitlam)
Please note that information contained in this publication is subject to daily change based on events in Parliament, including government business, private members’ business and committee business
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