In today’s edition:

  • Parliament’s winter break is near
  • Senate amends budget bill and bounces it back to the House
  • OAS secretary general to brief foreign affairs committee
  • CETA bill undergoes clause by clause consideration at trade committee
  • Former minister Irwin Cotler heads to Senate committee
  • The late Mauril Bélanger’s bill to change O Canada’s lyrics goes before Senate committee


Government business

No items have been listed for government business on Wednesday’s projected order of business, indicating that the adjournment of the House for the winter break may be near.  However, unanimous consent is needed for the House to rise before Friday and a motion will have to be moved by the government house leader in the chamber.

Of note: late on Tuesday night, Senators passed the budget bill (C-29) with amendment and “ordered that message be sent to the House of Commons to acquaint that House that the Senate has passed this bill with an amendment, to which it desires its concurrence”.  The bill will need to come back to the House for quick approval in its amended form before it can receive Royal Assent.


Private members’ business

If the House proceeds with private members’ business today, MPs will finish up the debate on Liberal MP Sven Spengemann’s bill which seeks to establish the first week of October every year as gender equality week.

Bill C-309, An Act to establish Gender Equality Week